Crowcon is Lavastica’s brand of the month in April 2022

25% discount on Crowcon fixed gas detectors

Gas detection plays an important part in protecting people, assets and the environment. Gasses can either be toxic, or flammable (explosive) and that is why you want to detect these gasses before they reach a hazardous concentration.

Crowcon Detection Instruments is one of the leading manufacturers of fixed- and portable gas detectors for toxic and flammable gasses. For all gas detection applications, we can offer suitable and economical solutions.

During our April promotion, we offer a 25% discount on all Crowcon fixed gas detectors bought in our online store. For a special promotion on portable gas detectors, or a personalized quotation for a special detector, please contact our sales team.

Advantages of Crowcon gas detectors:

  • Very wide range of gas detectors to cover almost all requirements
  • Short delivery times
  • Manufacturer of portable detectors, fixed detectors and panels
  • Worldwide service presence
  • All major certifications available