Safetec is Lavastica’s brand of the month in June 2022

Brand of the Month June - Safetec

5% discount on Safetec cargo hold smoke detection products

Fire detection is one of the main safety measures on board of ships. In some areas of the vessels, it is hard to detect a fire with a regular smoke detector or heat detector, so you need to find another solution. Cargo holds are such areas where regular detection is not suitable. Therefore, Safetec Brandes und Niehoff GmbH, better known as Safetec, has developed a special sample smoke extraction system for cargo holds, which is explosion protected and approved by all major classification companies.

Lavastica has been working with Safetec for many years now. Safetec has recently trained one of Lavastica’s service engineers, so Lavastica cannot only provide spare parts and systems, but also engineering services, maintenance, installation and commissioning.

During our June promotion, we offer a 5% discount on all Safetec cargo hold smoke detection systems and spare parts bought in our online store. For a specific quotation for complete systems and retrofits, please contact our sales team.

Advantages of Safetec cargo hold smoke detection systems:
Specifically designed for cargo hold smoke detection
Approved according to IMO rules, SOLAS Chapter II-2, reg. 13-1
Approved by all major classification companies
In-house trained service engineer
Highest European quality