Briskheat FGPDHWC Wet-Area Full-Coverage Drum Heater


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The Briskheat FGPDHWC-Series are Wet-Area Full-Coverage Drum Heaters. The Briskheat FGPDHWC-Series are used to evenly heat drums/pails, with maximum energy efficiency. The FGPDHWC-Series are made out of extra-durable, have a water resistant design for indoor and outdoor use, and in wash-down environments. The Drum Heater has an easy to program digital controller, which is adjustable up to 140°F(60°C).

The FGPDHWC-Series are lightweight and are easy to install with the adjustable buckles. The Drum Heaters are suitable for both metal and plastic drums/pails.

Water resistant design for indoor/outdoor use and inwash-down environments
Insulated to maximize efficiency and heat-up time
Lightweight and easy to install
Easy-to-use digital temperature controller
360°Grounded heating element
Suitable for a wide range of applications:
Viscosity control
Freeze protection
Temperature maintenance
Heat-up process control

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114 Liter, 19Liter, 208 Liter, 57-61Liter

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120VAC, 240VAC