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Autronica 116-BN-300M Input Unit with SelfVerify


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The Autronica 116-BN-300M is an input unit, used to interface different types of signal devices of the ON/OFF type onto the AutroSafe detector loop. The BN-300M comes with the SelfVerify function. This function automatically tests the BN-300M every 24 hours, ensuring the highest grade of reliability and reduces the need for manual testing.

The Autronica BN-300M is used for devices such as:
Alarm push-buttons
Detectors with relay contacts
Sprinkler contacts, etc.

Configurable input
Interface unit for interfacing external units, clean contacts, alarm relays etc. onto AutroSafe system
Monitored input
Short circuit isolator in each unit
Automatic addressing
Proven technology
Intended for connection to Autronica’s interactive alarm system AutroSafe
Approved according to EN 54 and FM
Conforms to CE standards

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Weight1 kg

Autroprime, AutroSafe


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