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Autronica 116-BN-310 Single Relay Output unit


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The Autronica 116-BN-310 is a single relay output unit, and contains a potential free changeover contact which can be activated from a detector or a combination of several detectors in alarm. The Autronica BN-310 can be activated from any detector in the system, not limited to detectors that are connected to the same physical loop.

The BN-310 is designed for use with the Autronica AutroSafe and Autroprime fire detection systems, and comes with the SelfVerify function. The SelfVerify function automatically tests the BN-310 every 24 hours, ensuring the highest grade of reliability and reduces manual testing.

The Autronica BN-310 is used for:
Door release
Sprinkler control/functions
Control of fire dampers

Provides 1 potential free changeover contact
Short circuit isolator in each unit
Automatic addressing
Proven technology
With SelfVerify function for reduced maintenance/testing and increased reliability
Designed to meet the requirements of the major maritime classification societies

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Weight 1 kg

Autroprime, AutroSafe


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