Consilium Salwico NS-AIN1 IP55 Address Unit N11893


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The Salwico Consilium NS-AIN1 is an addressable interface loop unit for connection both IS and conventional units, such as smoke, heat or flame detectors, to the analogue fire alarm systems CS3000, CS4000 and NSAC-1. Both the address numbers and type of connected detector are set by DIP-switches.

When the units that are connected to the NS-AIN1 are in an alarm condition, a red LED on the PCB will be lit. This will remain lit until the alarm has been reset at the control panel.

The included end of line resistor (ELR-33) has to be connected after the last unit for cable break supervision.


Additional information

Weight1 kg

One for conventional detectors

Input Max Load

~5 conv. detectors or 250 μA

Nominal Voltage


Working Voltage

15-35 VDC

Supervising Current

ID2 15 mA, ID3 1.5 mA

Alarm Current

ID2 15 mA, ID3 11.5 mA

End of Line Resistor

ELR-33, 33 kΩ

Cable Dimension

8 – 14 mm

Cable Terminals


Temperature Range

-25°C to +70°C

Relative Humidity

0 to 95% RH

IP Rating






~300 g


CS3000, CS4000, NSAC-1, Salwico Cargo, Salwico Cruise, Salwico Ro/Pax, Salwico Workboat, Salwico Yacht


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