Consilium Isolator NS-Isolator-A Intrinsically Safe Isolator N1790


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The Consilium Salwico NS-Isolator-A N1790 is an IS isolator, used in combination with Salwico IS addressable detectors and manual call points. The NS-Isolator-A N1790 contains an IS-Isolator and a LISA-2 connection board.

The NS-Isolator-A is located in non-hazardous areas and forms the interface to the IS detectors and other IS line units. To each addressable detector loop a maximum of five ISOLATOR-A units can be connected, each of them accommodating up to 20 IS line units.

The Salwico NS-Isolator-A does not need a separate power supply or earth connection. It is powered directly from the fire alarm panel via the loop cable, meaning no extra cables are needed.



Additional information

Weight1 kg
Working Voltage

27-38 VDC

Nominal Voltage


Isolator Approval

Ex ia

Cable Terminals


Temperature Range

-20°C to +60°C

Relative Humidity

0 to 100% RH


~700 g

End of Line Resistor

10 kΩ

IP Rating


Cable Dimension

8 – 14 mm






CS3000, CS4000, NSAC-1, OEM Extinguish, Salwico Cargo, Salwico Cruise, Salwico LNG, Salwico Navy, Salwico Offshore, Salwico Ro/Pax, Salwico Workboat, Salwico Yacht


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