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Tyco 4B Detector Base 4″ for 600/800 Series 517.050.041

The Tyco 4B (517.050.041) Universal Detector Base is used when a short circuit isolator or continuity functionality is not required.


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The Tyco 4B 517.050.041 is a detector base, used when neither a short circuit isolator nor a continuity functionality is required. The Tyco 4B Base is compatible with the Ceiling Tile Adapter, potentially decreasing the installation time by up to 30%.

The Tyco 4B 517.050.041 is designed to snap-fit into the Ceiling Tile Adaptor. The base can also be screw fixed to a ceiling, electrical box, or deckhead mount in the traditional manner. A park position allows the detector to be mechanically attached to the 4B without making electrical connections to facilitate the testing of electronic-free bases. The base should be fixed with the park plunger faced towards the door or trafficable area. This ensures that the LED will be visible from the direction of entry, AS1670.1-2004.
With a detector mounted in the Tyco 4B Base, a raised rib on both the base and detector align when the detector is in the fully home position.

Continuity, Isolator and Universal variants
Quick and easy to install
Compatible with 800, 814, and 850 Series detectors
Park position for testing
Optional detector locking device
Slim 4-inch profile
Snap-fit to Ceiling Tile Adaptor

Additional information

Weight1 kg

MX Marine – T2000, T1000 / T1200 Conventional, T2000 – MX (non-marine)


~60 g




Working Voltage

20-40 VDC

Temperature Range

-25°C to +70°C

Relative Humidity

10 to 95% RH


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