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Salwico Consilium SPB-ADAPT SCI Base Adapter 5200314-00A


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The Salwico Consilium SPB-ADAPT SCI 5200314-00A is an base adapter for the 2IP55 (046950) and NS-2IP55 (046900) detector bases.

The Salwico SPB-ADAPT SCI provides Short Circuit Protection in the detector base.

The Short Circuit Isolator function is fully transparent and does not require any settings.

Smoke, heat and flame detectors can be connected to this adapter.

• Installation for harsh environment
• Quick and safe Short Circuit Isolation
• Small Form Factor

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Working Voltage

22-38 VDC

Quiescent Current

60 μA

Current when Short Circuited

13 mA

IP Rating


Temperature Range

-40°C to +70°C

Relative Humidity

0 to 95% RH

Cable Terminals





~110 g


OEM Extinguish, Salwico Cargo, Salwico Cruise, Salwico LNG, Salwico Navy, Salwico Offshore, Salwico Ro/Pax, Salwico Workboat, Salwico Yacht


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