Autronica 116-BG-201 Autroflame IR Flame Detector


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The Autronica 116-BG-201 is a point flame detector, designed to detect fires involving combustion of carbonaceous materials. The Autronica BG-201 is rated IP66 and IP67, making it suitable for the harshest environments. The performance mode of the BG-201 can be configured by the AutroSafe/Autroprime fire alarm system.

The advanced signal processing and DYFI+ intelligence ensure that Autronica BG-201 has a high immunity to any nuisance alarm source combined with fast detection of real fires. This makes the BG-201 the obvious flame detector in demanding ship applications such as the engine room of a ship.

Different sensitivity settings possible
Short circuit isolator in each detector
Comprises a built‐in alarm indicator (LED)
Automatic addressing
Solar resistant
Very fast fire detection
Not blinded by oil film on window
High degree of immunity to false alarm sources
EN54‐10, EN54‐17 approved
Designed to meet the requirement of the major maritime classification societies

Additional information

Weight1 kg

~200 g




IP Rating

IP66, IP67

Temperature Range

-40°C to +70°C

Relative Humidity

0‐96 % RH


Autroprime, AutroSafe


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