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Tyco 811F Flame Detector 516.800.007

The Tyco 811F (516.800.007) is a digital addressable IR Flame Detector. The Tyco 811F is equipped with high end features such as “Solar Blind” operation for false alarm free reliability and an automatic health check feature.


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The Tyco 811F 516.800.007 is an addressable point type flame detector. The Tyco 811F presents a cost effective solution to providing false alarm free flame detection in enclosed areas. The Tyco 516.800.007 811F is a full featured solar blind flame detector and boast a high degree of false alarm immunity.

The Tyco 811F is designed to be connected to the MX digital loop directly, employing the same detector base or functional base as other 800 series fire detectors.

Unlike UV and UV/IR detection, not blinded by oil mist in machinery spaces
Reduces cabling, no interface required
No additional power source required
Easy installation uses a common plug in base for smoke and heat detectors
Can be used on all vessels as fully marine approved

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Working Voltage

20-40 VDC

Alarm Current

3 mA

Temperature Range

-20°C to +70°C

Relative Humidity

0 to 90% RH


~75 g


MX Marine – T2000


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