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Autronica 116-BDH-500/EX Heat Detector with SelfVerify


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The Autronica 116-BDH-500/EX is a point heat detector, designed for use in hazardous area zone 0, 1 or 2. The BDH-500/EX must be connected to the approved BZ-500 barrier. The Autronica BDH-500/EX detects a rise in ambient temperature that is caused by a fire. The BDH-500/EX is designed for use with the Autronica AutroSafe and Autroprime interactive fire alarm systems. The SelfVerify function on the BDH-500/EX automatically test with a calibrated test once every 24 hour, ensuring the highest grade of reliability.

The Autronica BDH-500/EX has an additional coating of PCB and a sealing of the sensing element, making the BDH-500/EX suitable for rough areas like heavy industry, maritime and offshore applications.

BD-500/EX is often used in areas where the environment is likely to produce false/unwanted alarms from smoke detectors, such as:
Boiler rooms
Workshops, etc.
Refrigeration rooms, etc.

Additional information

Weight1 kg

~140 g




Working Voltage

10-27 VDC

IP Rating


Temperature Range

-20°C to +80°C

Relative Humidity

0 to 95% RH


Autroprime, AutroSafe


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