Consilium Salwico NS-AH/A1S Heat Detector 54°C N11231


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The Consilium Salwico NS-AH/A1S is an analogue addressable heat detector, designed for use in Salwico addressable fire alarm systems. The Salwico NS-AH/CS has a pre-programmed static alarm level of 54°C and it also gives a rate of rise pre-alarm. The pre-programmed static alarm level had a temperature of 54°C and it also gives a rate of rise pre-alarm. The NS-AH/A1S is marked with a green spot.

The Salwico NS-AH/A1S is a low profile detector with a high quality electronic sensing element of low thermal massm which gives a very accurate and fast temperature reading. The temperature is displayed on the fire alarm panel.

When the NS-AH/A1S is in an alarm condition, a red LED on the detector will be lit. The LED will remain lit until the alarm has been reset.

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Operating Principle

Rate of Rise, Static Temperature

Alarm Temperature


Pre-Alarm Temp. Level

>45°C, rate of rise >10ºC/min

Temperature Range

-25°C to +90°C

Working Voltage

15-35 VDC

Nominal Voltage


Supervising Current

0.2 mA

Alarm Current

2.5 mA

Remote Output

Max 2 mA

Relative Humidity

0 to 95% RH



~95 g


CS3000, CS4000, NSAC-1


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