Consilium Salwico NS-AH/CS Heat Detector N11232


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The Consilium Salwico NS-AH/CS N11232 is an analogue addressable heat detector, designed for the Salwico addressable Fire Alarm Systems. The NS-AH/CS has a pre-programmed static alarm of 84°C and has a rate of rise pre-alarm. The Salwico N11232 is marked with a red spot.

The NS-AH/CS is a low profile heat detector that uses a high quality electronic sensing element of low thermal mass, which gives a very accurate and fast temperature reading. The temperature can be seen displayed on the fire alarm panel.

When the NS-AH/CS is in alarm condition, a red LED will be lit. The LED will remain lit until the alarm has been reset.

Additional information

Weight1 kg


Nominal Voltage


Working Voltage

15-35 VDC

Supervising Current

0.2 mA

Alarm Current

2.5 mA

Remote Output

Max 2 mA

Alarm Temperature


Pre-Alarm Temp. Level

>10°C/min, >70°C and rate of rise

Temperature Range

-25°C to +90°C



~95 g


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