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Hekatron TCD 563-3 Heat Detector, class B 5100165-0113


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The Hekatron TCD 563-3 is a heat detector that can detector fires with and without smoke development. When rapid fire development and high temperatures might be expected or when smoke detectors cannot be deployed due to environmental influences the Hekatron TCD-563-1 is the detector of choice.

In the sampling chamber is a NTC temperature sensor that continuously measures the ambient temperature and the rate-or-rise temperature. If the set alarm point or the defined rate-of-rise is exceeded the detector transmits an alarm to the control unit.

The Hekatron TCD 563-1 is connected as a conventional fire detector to control panels with current increase. A 2-wire cable connects the control panel to the detectors in series.

The Hekatron TCD 563-1 Heat Detector 5100165-0111 is suitable for mounting on Hekatron USB-502-1 Detector Base 30-4100005-01-01 or the Hekatron USB 502-3 Detector Base 30-4100005-03-01 for higher ingress protection. Other detectors in this series include Hekatron SCD 563 Conventional Smoke Detector 5000611-0111 and Hekatron TCD 563-1 Heat Detector 5100165-0111

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