Hekatron TDS 247 Differential heat detector switch 5100158


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The TDS 247 rate-of-rise detector switch detects the temperature of its surroundings, evaluates the measured value according to special algorithms, and tests the result for plausibility, among other things. In the process it reacts to both the rate of temperature rise and any exceeding of the limit value that has been set.
The TDS 247’s evaluation electronics constantly monitor the detector’s measurement component. Its built-in individual indicators provide information on:
– normal operation
– impermissible temperature (≤ –20 °C)
– raised temperature (pre-alarm)
– malfunction (temperature measurement component)
– alarm
A relay contact opens in the case of an alarm, malfunction, or loss of power.

The TDS 247 Differential heat detector switch 5100158 is suitable for mounting on Hekatron 143A Detector Base 5000350 or Hekatron 143AF Detector Base 5000356 for higher ingress protection.

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