Consilium Salwico EV-PP/ IA130-2T/RDJ-2T Smoke & Heat Detector 040203


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The Consilium Salwico EV-PP/ IA130-2T/RDJ-2T 040203 is an analogue, addressable optical smoke and heat detector.  The smoke and heat detector functions are independent and can be used in any required combination.

The Salwico EV-PP/ IA130-2T/RDJ-2T 040203 is designed to give an realy warning for the presence of heat and smoke in the supervised area. The EV-PP/ IA130-2T/RDJ-2T offers a high protection against unwanted alarms.


Additional information

Weight1 kg
Nominal Voltage


Working Voltage

20-38 VDC

Working Current

< 200 µA

Alarm Current

3 mA

Remote Output

Max 15 mA

Alarm Temperature

57°C class A1

IP Rating

Depending on Base

Relative Humidity

<95% RH Non-condensing

Temperature Range

-40°C to +85°C





~130 g


CS3000, CS4000, NSAC-1, OEM Extinguish, Salwico Cargo, Salwico Cruise, Salwico LNG, Salwico Navy, Salwico Offshore, Salwico Ro/Pax, Salwico Workboat, Salwico Yacht


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