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Autronica 116-BS-100NL Fire Alarm Control Panel, with Dutch Text


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The Autronica 116-BS-100NL is a fire alarm control panel for analogue addressable detectors, and designed for use in medium and larger installations. The Autronica BS-100NL comes with Dutch text.

Standard unit includes two detector loops, each allowing connection of up to 99 addresses. Additional modules can be added to allow a total of 16 loops (1584 addresses).
“Pre-warning” enables the system to inform about a fire, in its earliest stages.
Faulty, damaged or missing detectors are reported without compromising the system.
User controls through multi-level menu.
All detectors and manual callpoints have a unique address.
Multiple microprocessor control for increased reliability.
Cause and effect, and message data stored in nonvolatile memory with on-site changing capability.
Monitoring of all field devices and alarm path.
Optional programmable control outputs,in modules of 16 to a maximum of 240 outputs.
RS232C and 20 mA current loop interface for data communication to remote text or graphics displays, repeaters or building management systems.
2 x 40 character fluorescent dot-matrix alphanumeric display for clarity.
Detector or loop disablement with timed automatic or manual restoration.
Historical event logging. On optional printer, all events and changes of status are printed.
Day/night alarm organisation facility.
Self-diagnosis of “fault” condition.
Sensitivity of all devices easily examined.
Reduces maintenance costs due to inherent reliability.
Tested and complies with BS-5839 part 4: 1988 for control and indicating equipment.
Full range of devices for hazardous areas available.

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