Autronica 116-BS-60 Fire Alarm Control Panel


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The Autronica 116-BS-60 is an analogue addressable fire alarm control panel, designed for smaller and medium size installations. Up to 99 analogue addressable fire detectors an/or manual call points can be connected to the Autronica BS-60. Each connected device is monitored by the BS-60.

The 99 fire detectors may be grouped in up to 16 fire zones.
The panel contains a 2×40 character text display which indicates the location of the detector(s) in alarm or fault condition.
All detectors are continually monitored.
By operating the control panel, a single detector, or a group of detectors (zone) can be isolated temporarily while necessary maintenance work is carried out. The remaining detectors are still active.
A single detector, or a group of detectors (zone) can be isolated or restored locally using a fire zone operating unit type BK-50. When a fire zone is isolated, manual callpoints are still active.
Isolated detectors will be restored automatically after a preset time.
The control panel provides essential control outputs.
“Pre-warning” highlights the need to change a detector contaminated by dust.
Designed for built-in stand-by accumulators (24 V 12 Ah).

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