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Autronica 116-BSD-310/N Loop Driver Module


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The Autronica 116-BSD-310/N is a loop driver module that functions as a modem for data exchange between the control system and the detection loop. The Autronica BSD-310/N also limits the amount of energy that can be supplied to the hazardous area.

1 detection loop for a connection of 127 loop units can be connected to each BSD-310/N. All the loop units that are connected to the BSD-310/N must be approved for use in zone 2.

The loop resistance on the 116-BSD-310/N is continuously monitored to register a possible break or short circuit of the detection loop. If a communication failure occurs, a Fail_Safe function is automatically activated. A low frequency modulation on the loop will be detected, and a separate control output (F/S) will then be activated.

Loop driver interface of EX zone 2 approved loop units
Each loop driver module allows connection of 127 loop units approved for use in EX zone 2
Monitoring function for break or short circuiting on the detection loop
Fail_Safe function ensures alarm function I communication fails on the detection loop
Easily plugged onto each other or onto other I/O modules on a standard mounting rail
Automatic addressing
Designed to meet EN 54 requirements and conforms to CE standards

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Autroprime, AutroSafe


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