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Autronica 116-BSD-340/2 PowerLoop Driver


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The Autronica 116-BSD-340/2 is a PowerLoop driver, designed to function as a protocol converter between AUTROFIELDBUS and PowerLoop. The Autronica BSD-340/2 consists of a PowerLoop interface for power and communication, and an AUTROFIELDBUS interface towards an AUTROFIELDBUS Driver.

The PowerLoop is a two-wire bus capable of delivering 30VDC/100W connected in ring topology and is galvanic
isolated from the rest of the system. The PowerLoop interfaces detectors and other loop units including a 4-
20mA interface. The BSD-340/2 provides a service port female DSub 9-pin, which is used for commissioning and maintenance. The AUTROFIELDBUS address is set by switches. The AUTROFIELDBUS is normally category 5 copper cable.

Protocol converter between AUTROFIELDBUS and PowerLoop
Reports analogue values and signals faults
Controls a PowerLoop with up to 15 detectors
Rail mounted
Conforms to CE standards
Approved by DNV

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