The Ampac 4310-0050 is an 8-way relay board, used for the Ampac FireFinder PLUS. The 4310-0050 8-Way Relay Board provides additional volt-free relay contacts to enhance the capabilities of the Ampac FireFinder PLUS Fire Alarm Control Panel. The 4310-0050 Relay Board is typically used in applications that require more than the standard Fire Alarm Control Panel relay outputs for signalling and plant control equipment.

Each relay can be programmed to respond to various conditions of the Fire Alarm Control Panel such as Alarms, Faults, Disable / Isolates, Battery Fail, and other conditions depending on the Fire Alarm Control Panel functions.

8 Programmable VFCO Contacts.
Remote Panel Connection via RS485.
Normally Open, Common, and Normally Closed Terminals for each Relay.

Additional information



Quiescent Current

2.4 mA

Max Current

80 mA


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