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Apollo 55000-317APO Series 65 Optical Smoke Detector


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The Apollo Series 65 55000-317APO is an optical smoke detector. The Apollo 55000-317APO incorporates a pulsing LED that is located within the housing of the detector. The external detector moulding is identical to that of the ionisation detector but has an indicator LED which is clear in quiescent state but with a red light in alarm.

The 55000-317APO Series 65 Optical Smoke Detector can be used with 45681-200APO Series 65 Standard base. For higher water ingress protection, the 45681-217APO Deckhead Mounting Box can be used.

Additional information

Weight1 kg

Series 65

Relative Humidity

0 to 95% RH

IP Rating


Temperature Range

-20°C to +60°C


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