Damcos BRC 250 Hydraulic Double-acting Actuator 160N1098


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The Damcos BRC 250 is a Hydraulic Double-acting balanced rotary Actuator with 90° quarter-turn and with a helicon spline. The helicon spline technique delivers high torque without the need for large displacement. The Damcos BRC 250 double-acting balanced rotary actuator operated at a standard working pressure of 135bar, and maintains a constant high torque output throughout the 90° rotation.

The Damcos BRC Actuators come in various sizes, ranging from 125 to 32000 with torque ranges from 125 to 32000 Nm.

Unique yet simple design offers compact footprint with high-torque output
A proven performer with more than 30 years of service records on basic design
Balanced rotary principle eliminates side forces and/or bending of valve spindle
Built for operation in sea air and sea water
Easily adapts to all well-known quarter-turn valves
Design allows for unlimited mounting positions
Built-in adjustments for end stops of rotary movement
Prepared for direct built-on modular control functions
Actuators and accessories can be disassembled in to parts which are 98% recyclable
Design and manufacturing process comply with ISO9001 quality standards and ISO14001 environmental code
A vital part of the Emerson Valve Remote Control System

Additional information

Recommended working pressure range

30 – 135 bar

Burst Test

675 bar


8.3 kg

Oil Displacement

0.050 l

Temperature Range

High temperature application: -20°C to +120°C (Viton® Seal set), Low temperature application: -45°C to +40°C (T.L.T. NITRIL Seal set), Normal application: -25°C to +80°C (NBR Seal set)


90° ±1°

Hydraulic Media

Acid-free hydraulic oil


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