Hekatron DKT02 GE Manual Release Button 6200107

Manual release button, yellow, 24V 6200107

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The Hekatron DKT02 6200107 is a yellow manual release button. The DKT02 6200107 is used to control smoke and fire dampers in ventilation ducts or hold-open systems that require resetting. The Hekatron DKT02 is used when inadvertent activation of the alarm button should be prevented.

A red activation button and a grey reset button are installed on the DKT02, each with a two-way contact. A glass pane protects the push button against inadvertent or unauthorized activation. Since the reset button is covered, a key is required for resetting.

The DKT02 has a red alarm LED, a green ready LED, a yellow fault LED and an orange LED for any use are connected to separate terminals. If necessary, they can be triggered by the corresponding interface.

Pressing the red button once will interrupt the alarm loop and the door assumes the safety position, and/or the smoke exhaust controller is activated. The black button behind the housing lid is used for resetting.

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